Friday, March 16, 2018

My Nails and My Book Review - The Purloined Puzzle by Parnell Hall


Title: The Purloined Puzzle
Series: Puzzle Lady Mystery #19
Author: Parnell Hall

Goodreads Summary: 
Amateur sleuth and crossword impresario Cora Felton is asked to solve a puzzle, only to find that it’s been stolen—and a murder weapon has been left in its place.
When the obnoxious sixteen-year-old Peggy Dawson asks Cora Felton to solve a puzzle for her, Cora is delighted to find that the puzzle has been stolen. She is less delighted, however, when a blood-stained knife is found in its place.

Soon a body is discovered in the middle of Main Street, and Cora has a murder investigation on her hands. It does not help matters when she hears that her least favorite ex-husband, Melvin, is in town pulling a real estate scam, particularly when she discovers that Melvin may have purchased the knife. Now it’s up to the Puzzle Lady to figure out what really happened.

My Review: **I voluntarily read this ARC**
This series is one of the hardest for me to figure out a rating for. As a mystery, it really isn't a strong book. I still can't figure out how that mystery even worked, let alone how Cora figured it out. Where it shines is in its bizarre sense of humor. It is similar to the rest of the series with constantly talking in circles, which can get confusing if you aren't used to it.

My Manicure: So, I actually just realized how funny the cover is. I'm not sure how I missed it before. Anyway, I went for the obvious today, but I glitzed it up a bit. I started with Vapid Happy Freakin' New Year 2017. Then I stamped the crossword puzzle with Bundle Monster 416 and Black on Black.


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