Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Keurig Update

Press Sample

**Keurig provided by Influenster in exchange for honest review. All opinions are my own**

The Keurig issues appear to finally be fixed, but it wasn't easy to get to that point. In my last post, I said that the Keurig wouldn't brew a carafe. They sent me a replacement since it was still under warranty, and at first it seemed like the replacement would work for me. Then, a few days after I started using it, it suddenly wouldn't brew at all. I put a K-cup in, told it to brew, and it froze up to the point that I had to unplug it. So, I tried again. And then I tried about five more times. It refused to brew at all. So I called them again, and they sent me a replacement for the replacement. This one is finally working properly.

Keurig's customer service overall was decent, but I did run into a few issues with them. The main problem I had with them was that no one seems to know exactly what their policy is. When the second Keurig had issues, I was told that I didn't need to do anything (the first Keurig I had to send in the K-cup holder). A few days later I received an email from them with a Fed-Ex shipping label to ship my Keurig back. That is a bit different than not having to do anything with it. So I called them and was told to ship the second Keurig back after I received the new Keurig, in the box that the new Keurig came in (confused yet?), and then to call them back and they would set up a Fed-Ex pick up. OK, a bit weird, but it sounded easy enough. After the Keurig number two was packaged up and ready to be sent back, I called Keurig to set up the pick up like I had been told. The person I talked to didn't know what to do, so I was transferred to a supervisor. The supervisor told me that they do not set up Fed-Ex pick ups, and I would need to drop it off at a Fed-Ex location. Since there is no Fed-Ex in town, I did some research and found a shipping store that ships Fed-Ex and UPS. Not long after I mailed the package, I received an email from Keurig. It stated that they hadn't received my brewer yet, and if I hadn't mailed it out yet to please call them to set up a Fed-Ex pick up.

I know I just complained about the customer service a lot, but I would also like to say that even with all the screw ups involved here, the whole process of getting replacements only took about two weeks. My family has also dealt with the company in the past with no issue. I'm guessing that my experience was just a fluke. And even though I had faulty brewers, now that I have one that is working properly, I love it. I still don't really brew carafes (I have a full size coffee maker for that), and I really wish they still had an 8 oz hot water setting, but it has its advantages. I can make a quick cup of coffee, and I don't have to brew a pot of water for tea or instant ramen (10 oz hot water).

Overall, I still think the Keurig and Keurig 2.0 are worth owning, although I hope the quality control gets fixed soon.