Friday, February 5, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Aqua or Turquoise

**Nothing to Disclose**

For this week of 40 Great Nail Art Ideas, the prompt was aqua or turquoise, and I had zigzags. This ended up being an interesting mishmash of different techniques, but I think (hope) I made it work.

I started out by painting some of my aqua - KBShimmer Shore Thing - onto 3 of my nails. Then I used a French tip brush to do French tips (hmm, that sounded a bit redundant). After that, I put chevron vinyls - I think they are Nail Vinyls brand - on my ring finger and thumb. I added my aqua on top and quickly removed the vinyls, then added top coat and did some clean up because I am awesome at making a mess.

The result is French tips with an accent of negative space zigzags, with an accidental Easter egg look.