Friday, November 21, 2014

Quick Update

Wow I really disappeared for a while that time. Things have just been a bit chaotic these past few months. I was getting ready for a 1500 mile move, which ended up stressing me a lot more than it should have. I did manage to move 2 melmers of polish with no casualties, but I'm still trying to find all my manicure stuff. It is amazing what ends up disappearing in a move.

Right now my nails are in horrible condition. My cuticles are gross because I haven't found my cuticle remover yet. My nails keep breaking because of all the unpacking. My skin is freaking out due to the sudden cold winter weather, washing the dishes, and all the paper and cardboard. To get any moisture to stay involves cuticle oil, cuticle butter, and lotion. Then if I go near paper my skin immediately dries out again.

I know I'm complaining a bit, but Ohio is really beautiful. We live outside of town and have woods behind our house, which is so much nicer than having an alley behind the house.

This was actually a double rainbow, but my camera decided to only pick up one of them. Everyone was laughing because they were taking cell phone pics and I ran inside to grab a real camera. And yes, fall colors are awesome.

Ooooo look at that sunset. I missed gorgeous sunsets like that.

And of course, snow. I went from New Mexico in October to the beginning of an Ohio winter. Hopefully it isn't as bad as a Minnesota winter.

So, that is what my past few months have been like. Definitely a bit crazy. And now, a random bonus pic:

This is what a 90 pound lap dog looks like. My puppies were so mad that I arrived in Ohio smelling like another dog, but they eventually forgave me.