Monday, November 28, 2016

My Nails and My Book Review - A Whole Latte Murder by Caroline Fardig


Title: A Whole Latte Murder
Series: Java Jive Mystery #3
Author: Caroline Fardig

Goodreads Summary: Coffeehouse manager and reluctant sleuth Juliet Langley returns in a gripping novel from the bestselling author of Death Before Decaf and Mug Shot. Just as things are perking up in Nashville, a serial killer sends tensions foaming over.

Juliet's personal and professional lives have recently received an extra jolt of energy. Her romance with the hunky detective Ryder Hamilton continues to simmer, and business at Java Jive has never been better. But her good mood quickly turns as stale as day-old espresso when she finds out that Ryder has been promoted to his precinct's homicide division. With him risking his life to catch the worst kind of criminals, Juliet's growing sense of unease ignites when a local college student goes missing.

Suddenly every Nashville resident is on high alert, especially Juliet's neighbor Chelsea. Juliet does her best to calm the girl's nerves, but her worst fears are confirmed when she finds Chelsea dead. Even though she tries her best to stay out of it, Juliet's involvement puts a strain on Ryder's first homicide case. The situation soon becomes even more personal for Juliet and her best friend Pete Bennett when one of their employees disappears during her shift. As a killer lurks in the shadows, Juliet, Pete, and Ryder seek out a double shot of justice.

My Review: **I voluntarily reviewed this ARC**

Another strong book in this series. I wouldn't exactly classify it as a cozy, but it also isn't quite a traditional mystery. It's in that sort of gray area between the two. The mystery is really good, with some definite twists, although the ending is a bit dark.

My Manicure: I decided that I had to go with a coffee theme for this one, but I wanted to do it a little differently than just my standard coffee manicures. I started out with a base of Dollish Polish SQUIRREL!!! Yes, it really is written like that. I might have a little too much fun saying it (imagine Christmas Vacation for the proper way to say it). The stamping is done with MoYou London Cookbook 03 and Bundle Monster So Metal.


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