Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My Nails and My Book Review - The Haunted Heist by Angie Fox


Title: The Haunted Heist
Series: Southern Ghost Hunter Mystery #3
Author: Angie Fox

Goodreads Summary: Just because she can see the dead doesn’t mean Verity Long wants to spend her days hunting ghosts. Instead, she’s over the moon to land a marketing job at the local bank…until she finds her new boss dead in the vault. Even her ghost friend, Frankie, knows that's no way to start a career. 

Relieved to let the police take charge, Verity steps aside, bound and determined to keep her ghost sightings to herself. But when she learns the main suspect in the murder is a very crooked, very dead mobster, Verity knows it's up to her to solve the case. 

She teams up with her ghostly gangster buddy Frankie, as well as the irresistible and charming Ellis, as the three of them search haunted mob hideouts, hidden passageways, and historic cemeteries for the facts behind the heist of the century—and a modern-day motive for murder. 

Too bad uncovering the truth could very well make Verity the next victim...

My Review: **I voluntarily reviewed this ARC**

This series is so much fun! Verity is a great main character, and Frankie is just awesome. I loved meeting new ghosts, and Frankie's excitement over seeing his old pals was great. I felt the actual mystery took a backseat to the ghostly part, but I didn't mind because I love the ghosts.

My Manicure: Please excuse my traitorous nail. It decided to snap off while shopping earlier. So for this manicure, I was inspired by the magical look of the cover. I started out with a base of Finger Paints Paper Mache. After that, I put on thick dots of unlabeled blue and purple Color Club polishes, and lightly dabbed balled up plastic wrap on top. It ended up giving me a neat tie-dyed look. Then, for the magical sparklies, I used OPI Which is Witch. The glitter might've been a little overkill - I think maybe China Glaze Fairy Dust would've worked better, but it still looks pretty awesome.


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