Monday, October 9, 2017

My Nails and My Book Review - The Skeleton Paints a Picture by Leigh Perry


Title: The Skeleton Paints a Picture
Series: Family Skeleton Mystery #4
Author: Leigh Perry

Goodreads Summary: 

Georgia Thackery, adjunct English professor, has a new job teaching at Falstone College of Art and Design, known as FAD to its students and faculty. Living in a borrowed bungalow during winter in the snowiest part of Massachusetts, Georgia feels her isolation weighing as heavily as the weather. Then she receives a package containing her best friend, Sid, a walking, talking skeleton who has lived with the Thackery family since Georgia was six. With Georgia working out of town, Sid was lonely too. 

The two of them make plans for a cozy semester together, and it might have worked out that way if Sid hadn’t snuck out in the middle of the night to play in the snow and spotted a crashed car. When he drags Georgia out to investigate, they find the driver behind the wheel, apparently dead from the collision. 

Initially, police think it’s an accident, so Georgia and Sid think that’s the end of it—until Georgia finds out the body hits closer to home than she’d realized... 

My Review: **I voluntarily read this ARC**

Sid is back and better than ever! I absolutely adore Sid, so when I saw he was coming back I seriously shrieked and started bouncing all over the house, and then screamed the news to my mom (she is a huge Sid fan, too). I loved the mystery, and I even ended up learning some new things. The humor was awesome. I'm pretty sure there were even more bone jokes than previous books (I didn't realize that was possible!). It will appeal to fans new and old.

My Manicure: Sid!!! Obviously I had to do a Sid manicure because he is just awesome. I chose KBShimmer Ink Again for my (TARDIS blue) background. The color choice is kind of a joke, at one point Georgia mentions her TARDIS keyring. I stamped the skeleton with MoYou London Festive 15 and Bundle Monster So Metal.


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