Friday, March 11, 2016

Confessions of a Book Addict

**Nothing to Disclose**

Hi, my name is Kelly, and I am a book addict. Like, more than one bookcase filled with books, and tons of e-books. I recently had to start a spreadsheet because I've been accidentally buying repeats of books.

This is just the beginning of my list. I've managed to input my Kindle books, and I'm already at over 200 books. That's normal, right?

I love when I'm the first person to get a new library book. Look at that brand new book. I *almost* feel bad reading it, since it won't be returned in such perfect condition. Almost, but not bad enough to not read it.

Ah, finding a great deal on a book you love. Why can't books be that cheap anymore? Although, if I could pick up books for cheap all the time, the entire house would have to have built-in bookcases.

Even finding a used book you love can be awesome. This was a library copy that was taken out of circulation, and cost me I think a quarter. It might be well loved, but it is still a great book.

Ah, having a book signed by the author. I don't think anything can beat that feeling. Ok, I do know one thing...

When you get to meet one of your favorite authors. This was from when I was lucky enough to meet Janet Evanovich. I've also met Joanne Fluke, Charlaine Harris, Jodi Thomas, and Christopher Straub.

Does anyone else have a problem with their TBR shelf growing faster than they can read? I swear for every book I read, 2-3 books are added to my TBR shelf.

Does anyone else have any fun book addict confessions to make?