Monday, April 30, 2018

My Nails and My Book Review - Dead as a Doornail by Tonya Kappes


Title: Dead as a Doornail
Series: Kenni Lowry #5
Author: Tonya Kappes

Goodreads Summary: 
Beauty is skin deep, but ugly goes clear to the bone. And doesn’t our Sheriff Kenni Lowry know that? Well, she knows a lot of things.

Lucy Lowell takes great pride in writing negative reviews in the local newspaper for anything that does not go her way. When Lucy is found dead, it appears to be from natural causes.

But Sheriff Kenni Lowry knows there is more to it because the ghost of her grandfather, the ex-sheriff, is standing over the body.

His presence can only mean one thing: Murder!

Since Kenni’s relationship with Deputy Finn Vincent has heated up, Kenni is having trouble conducting the investigation without Finn questioning her every move.

Can Kenni unravel the mystery on her own or will she have to tell Finn the real reason she knows it was murder—the ghost of her poppa?

It’s blowin’ up a storm and only Kenni knows how it’ll end.

My Review: **I voluntarily read this ARC**
This was a very unique book, including the form of murder. There were a couple of nitpicky research errors, but I only noticed because I know way too much about the subject. I had a lot of fun with the descriptions of how huge Duke is. The ending was definitely surprising.

My Manicure: Ok. I think I managed to get the inspiration correct. I looked up the polish color used in the book and found the closest one I had. I started with a base of Philly Loves Lacquer That Barbie Is Mine! The polish bottles were stamped with Bundle Monster 619 and So Metal.


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