Monday, August 1, 2016

My Nails and my Book Review - Die Like an Eagle by Donna Andrews


Title: Die Like an Eagle
Series: Meg Lanslow #20
Author: Donna Andrews

Goodreads Summary: Meg is Team Mom and Michael is coach of their twin sons' youth baseball team, the Caerphilly Eagles. Meg tangles with Biff Brown, the petty, vindictive league head. On opening day, Biff's lookalike brother is found dead in the porta-potty at the ball field. So many people think Biff's scum that it would be easy to blame him, but he has an alibi--and Meg suspects he may actually have been the intended victim.

With Die Like an Eagle, readers can look forward to another zany Meg Langslow mystery--this one filled with the spirit of America's pastime and Donna's eagle eye.

My Review: **I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review**

I have been meaning to start reading this series for years, but somehow never did. Now I have 19 more books to add to my TBR list. There are characters that you love, and characters you love to hate. Add in some awesome snippy remarks and you have a great book. Although I was able to follow the story having not read any previous books, I would recommend reading them since they should help with understanding some of the backstory.

My Manicure: Before I go into my manicure explanation, I need to explain something. This past weekend I ended up with 3 breaks in my nails, so to keep the length I needed to do acrygel on my nails (soak-off gel polish dipped in acrylic powder). The length is all natural, but it does have acrygel on it for additional strength. I know not everyone cares about that, but some people like to know when there is any type of fake nail in use, so I wanted to make sure it was announced. Ok, onto the nails! I started out with two coats of Sinful Colors True Kolor. I seriously think this is my favorite blue. I managed to find an eagle stamp on Bundle Monster plate BM-H25 and stamped it with Pure Ice Silver Star. Patriotic and book related at the same time - how awesome is that?


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