Monday, May 15, 2017

My Nails and My Book Review - Edited Out by E.J. Copperman


Title: Edited Out
Series: Mysterious Detective #2
Author: E.J. Copperman

Goodreads Summary: Mystery author Rachel Goldman is getting used to the idea that her fictional creation Duffy Madison has somehow taken flesh-and-blood form and is investigating missing person cases not far from where Rachel lives. Wait. No. She’s not getting used to it at all, and the presence of this real-life Duffy is making her current manuscript—what’s the word?—lousy.

So she doesn’t want to see Duffy—the living one—at all. To make matters worse, when he shows up at her door and insists on talking to her, it’s about the one thing she doesn’t want to do: Find a missing person. But the man Duffy seeks this time around might be able to solve Rachel’s problem. He might just be the man Duffy was before he became Duffy five years ago. The only problem is she could be letting Duffy lead her into danger yet again…

My Review: **I voluntarily reviewed this ARC**

This is a great book as long as you don't over think the premise. I spent the first few chapters thoroughly confused because I was so focused on figuring out who Duffy was rather than focusing on the actual story. After that, I found that it was an amazing story. In trying to figure out who Duffy is, they look into an old missing person case that might have ties to Duffy's past (if he even has a past). The mystery ends up slightly convoluted but very interesting, and it is hard not to get caught up in Duffy's enthusiasm.

My Manicure: Books! Hooray for books! OK, I kind of picked the obvious choice, but I love how it turned out. I started with a base of A England Saint George. Then I stamped with MJ JR-2 and Bundle Monster So Metal.


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