Monday, April 24, 2017

My Nails and My Book Review - When the Grits Hit the Fan by Maddie Day


Title: When the Grits Hit the Fan
Series: Country Store Mystery #3
Author: Maddie Day

Goodreads Summary: Despite the bitter winter in South Lick, Indiana, business is still hot at Robbie Jordan’s restaurant. But when another murder rattles the small town, can Robbie defrost the motives of a cold-blooded killer?

Before she started hosting dinners for Indiana University’s Sociology Department at Pans ‘N Pancakes, Robbie never imagined scholarly meetings could be so hostile. It’s all due to Professor Charles Stilton, who seems to thrive on heated exchanges with his peers and underlings, and tensions flare one night after he disrespects Robbie’s friend, graduate student Lou. So when Robbie and Lou go snowshoeing the next morning and find the contentious academic frozen under ice, police suspect Lou might have killed him after their public tiff. To prove her friend’s innocence, Robbie is absorbing local gossip about Professor Stilton’s past and developing her own thesis on the homicide—even if that means stirring up terrible danger for herself along the way . . .

My Review: **I voluntarily reviewed this ARC** 
I love this series! Robbie is an awesome main character with some great supporting characters. The characters are all nicely developed, and you quickly get a good idea of what the new characters are like. The mystery was great, and everything tied together in an unexpected way. I also love Robbie's unique way of putting together all of the clues and suspects.

My Manicure: I decided to do a twist on a crossword puzzle manicure this time, although I always forget that squishy stampers don't play well with straight lines. I started with A England Bridal Veil. Then I stamped with Bundle Monster 416 and So White.

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