Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Meet M'hija

Look at that adorable face

A little over two years ago, my family made the decision to get a dog. The last time we had a dog was before 1996, and it was a little Lhasa apso. Our cat was bigger than he was, and I grew up thinking it was normal for a cat to chase a dog. For a long time I just really didn't like dogs because most of the dogs I knew were brats and didn't like me much. So, even though I liked the idea of having a dog, I wasn't sure if it would work for me.

We went to the local pound to look for the perfect dog for us. When we started looking, the amount of Chihuahuas was crazy. The only big dogs seemed to be older, and we wanted a puppy. Then we found this adorable 3 month old black lab that had just been dropped off. She immediately chose us, and totally stole our hearts.

Her first St. Patrick's Day

When we got her, her name was Daisy. We decided she needed a new name. Friends were suggesting names like Shadow and Smoky, but nothing really seemed to fit. Where we were in Texas at the time, you would hear people use "mi hija" a lot. My dad started calling her that, and we ended up shortening it to M'hija. I know the spelling isn't the "correct" way to spell it, but we decided this spelling looked more like a name than "mija".

Why does she have to be so adorable?

As you can see, my attitude towards dogs has definitely changed. I love the enthusiastic greetings I get even if I haven't been gone long. M'hija has the most adorable butt wag for a greeting, and if she is really excited her entire body wags. She is also so cute when she plays. Or misbehaves..

You never know what she will play with

Yup, she was running around the yard playing with the rug from the patio. And our first reaction was to grab cameras.... It was just too cute!

So, that is M'hija. I will have a post up about Luna sometime soon.


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