Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Meet Luna

I see you...

A little under two years ago, about 2 months after we got M'hija, we decided that we wanted another dog. We went to the pound and found an adorable 6 month old yellow lab mix.

Look how cute I am

There was definitely an adjustment period with these two. Both are stubborn and want to be the center of attention. Luckily they started getting along, and now they love each other so much that they hate being separated. When one goes to the vet, the other will whimper until she comes home.

Apparently this is comfortable

The amazing thing is how different these two dogs are. M'hija is more laid back, but when she wants to play, watch out. That dog has some strength. Luna doesn't play as much, but she is clingy. She loves randomly coming up to us and snuggling. Also, she has a kissing problem. We joke that she has perfected "ninja sneak attack kisses" because she will suddenly attack you with kisses.

So, those are the puppies. I hope you love puppy pics as much as I do, because these two will be on the blog a bit.


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