Monday, September 25, 2017

My Nails and My Book Review - Yuletide Homicide by Jennifer David Hesse


Title: Yuletide Homicide
Series: Wiccan Wheel Mystery #3
Author: Jennifer David Hesse

Goodreads Summary: It's Christmas in Edindale, Illinois, and family law attorney Keli Milanni is preparing to celebrate the Wiccan holiday Yuletide, a celebration of rebirth. But this Yuletide someone else is focused on dying . . .

After years of practicing in secret, Keli has come out as a Wiccan to her boyfriend, and she feels like this Yuletide she's the one who's being reborn. But the Solstice is the longest night of the year, and Keli is about to stumble on a mystery so dangerous, she'll be lucky to make it to morning.

Paired with her unbearably stuffy colleague Crenshaw Davenport III, Keli goes undercover at a real estate company owned by mayoral candidate Edgar Harrison. An old friend of Keli's boss, Harrison, is being blackmailed, and it's up to her to find the culprit. But the morning after the company holiday party, Harrison is found dead underneath the hotel Christmas tree. The police rule the death an accident, but Keli knows better--and she'll risk her own rebirth to nab a missing killer.

My Review: **I voluntarily read this ARC**

I really enjoyed this book. I love how wonderful Keli's friends are. The mystery was great, and it had some nice twists to it. My only complaint is that Keli made some very amateur mistakes, and since this is book three I feel she should have known better.

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