Monday, January 9, 2017

My Nails and My Book Review - Glow of Death by Jane K. Cleland


Title: Glow of Death
Series: Josie Prescott Antiques Mystery #11
Author: Jane K. Cleland

Goodreads Summary: As a warm ocean breeze ruffles the tall grass along Rocky Point's sandy dunes, Josie Prescott visits the house of a wealthy local couple, Edwin and Ava Belcher. She's been called in to appraise their Tiffany lamp, which everyone is delighted to find is genuine.

Josie's good friend, Police Chief Ellis Hunter, is helping prepare for her annual Fourth of July barbeque when he gets a call that Ava has been murdered. Unable to reach Edwin, Ellis asks Josie to identify the body.
Josie is stunned to discover that the dead woman lying on the Belcher kitchen floor is not the woman she knew as Ava. Astonishment turns to shock when Josie discovers that everything she thought she knew about the Tiffany lamp and the Belchers has been built on lies.

Readers will delight in spending time in Rocky Point as these much-loved characters come together to solve a dastardly crime in the Glow of Death, a masterful addition to Jane Cleland's Josie Prescott series. In this cunning and twisty tale of envy, greed, and revenge, Josie uses her knowledge of antiques to learn the truth about the priceless Tiffany lamp-and to discover Ava's killer.

My Review: **I voluntarily reviewed this ARC**

This was a good book, but at times it felt like it dragged a little. The mystery was well written and very complicated. It was interesting to learn about antique appraisal and how many variables there are. I did feel slightly disconnected from the characters, but I think that's because I haven't read any other books in the series.

My Manicure: I'm going to start this out by apologizing for my poor middle finger. I'll explain what happened later, but trust me when I'm amazed I even got it looking halfway decent. So for this one, I was inspired by the design of the Tiffany lamp. The description of how the glass seems to change color fascinated me, so I grabbed KBShimmer Royal to a Fault as my base since it has a blue/purple shift. Then I stamped a stained glass pattern with Bundle Monster BM-208 and So Metal. I wanted to do black to make it look a little more authentic, but I was afraid it wouldn't pop very much.

Ok, now for the nail story. I was helping out putting the Christmas decorations away when my nail felt really weird. I had been wearing acrygel to help prevent my nail from breaking (it had a small break starting really low). Well, it turns out I ripped part of my nail almost the whole way off. It was far enough down that I can't even cut it far enough down, so I trimmed it and went to patch it. And of course the resin decided to clog. So I'm trying to hold the tip of my nail in place where while attempting to unclog my resin. I ended up applying two layers of silk wrap and resin to hopefully keep my nail from breaking again. It definitely isn't pretty, but at least I have a tiny bit of length left.


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