Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New Polishes!!!

Nothing to Disclose

So today I have something new to show you. I've been having fun mixing up some polishes, and I have enough successful colors to make a post! I'm thinking of naming them "Controlled Chaos" just because, well, it kind of describes how things feel right now...

Hershey Kisses

This polish is both a success and a failure. The color it ended up being is pretty, but I was going for more of a Devil's Food Cake color. So I decided this looks like a Hershey's bar, and one of my mom's friends had a dog named Hershey Kisses (all brown Australian Shepherd), so the name just fit. It is just a basic brown polish with a little bit of holo glitter because holo makes everything better.

Unnamed #1

This one was supposed to resemble Key Lime Pie. The color ended up being a little off for that, but still pretty. It is a nice light green with a subtle blue flash that was made even more subtle when I had to mess with the formula (it was still sheer at 3 coats before). By the time I got to swatching this one, I was tired enough that I completely forgot to do clean up before taking pictures.

Unnamed #2

Why does yellow hate me so much??? As you can see in the bottle, it is a pretty shade of yellow. With my skin tone, it looks horrible. This was supposed to be Lemon Meringue Pie, but again I didn't quite manage it. It is just a simple light yellow with a subtle gold flash (maybe gold wasn't the best choice in yellow?). 

As you can see, I still have some learning to do. I will have some more swatches later, my sister was awesome and got me more supplies for my birthday, including multichrome, glow in the dark and neon. Just for fun, can anyone guess what I was trying to base my color names off of (not just desserts, but what else they have in common)?


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