Friday, October 7, 2016

My Nails and My Book Review - A Charming Voodoo by Tonya Kappes - Review and GIVEAWAY!!

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I'm doing things a bit different today. It'll still be my normal post, but this time, I'm part of Tonya Kappe's blog tour. And, as an added bonus, there are not one, but TWO giveaways. So, without further ado, to the blog post!

Title: A Charming Voodoo
Series: Magical Cures #10
Author: Tonya Kappes

Goodreads Summary: Bubble. . . bubble. . . 
Whispering Falls is abuzz with the new 
housing development and new shops 
popping up all over the magical 
village right before the annual All 
Hallow’s Eve celebration. 

Cures and trouble. . . 
June Heal’s intuition 
is on high alert and she just can’t shake 
that something bad is about to happen. 

Magic stirs . . . 
June finds Violet Draper standing over a dead body 
In the new pumpkin patch hours before it’s supposed 
to open for hayrides. 

And trouble doubles . . . 
Once again, June has to put her sleuthing skills to work 
and figure out who the real killer is before the new 
citizens pack up and move right back out of town

My Review: **I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review**

This was such a cute story. And I have no idea why I just described a murder mystery as cute, but that really is how I feel about it. The setting is an adorable, quaint little village, the characters are quirky, and it just all works. The mystery was enjoyable. I didn't quite have it figured out, but there was enough there to give me that little niggling feeling.

My Manicure: Oh, this one looks much better in person. The colors I chose show up perfectly under my lighting, but my camera decided to be a total diva and not pick it up accurately. The base is one coat of Sinful Colors Black on Black. I love this color for two reasons - one coat for glossy black perfection, and it's cheap. Seriously, it's hard to beat $2 for a bottle of polish that applies this well. I stamped the leaves - June's newest charm - with Bundle Monster plate H11 and Bundle Monster stamping polish Expedition Pearl. The other fingers I wanted a magical type look, so I picked up Baroness X Doomfire. Funny thing, it's purple. So I thought I would have a nice purply magical look. But the red duochrome part came out instead, so now I guess I have slightly evil looking magical nails? Even weirder? In some lighting you can see green along with the red.

And now, for the giveaways! Both of them are nice, easy-peasy entries. For the first one - a chance to win an audiobook of one of the Magical Cures books - just leave a comment about your favorite Tonya Kappes series. My favorite is Kenni Lowry - Fixin' to Die was so much fun.

The second giveaway is in the Rafflecopter widget. Just follow the directions for a chance to win an awesome big prize! Look at how amazing that prize bundle looks!

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  1. A charming (insert rest of title here) series.

  2. I haven't seen this series yet. Will need to look for it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  3. My favorite series so far is the Ghostly Southern Mysteries, but I haven't started any of her other series yet, even though I have them on my Kindle. I will soon! :)

  4. My favorite is Spies and Spells series. I love all the series, but this one is my favorite so far.

  5. it's a tie between teh southern mysteries and magical cure so far i really can't pick one favourite above teh other

  6. I love all of her books! Thanks for being a part of the tour!

  7. Kennie Lowrey because it's the only series I've read so far though I have a couple of other books on my TBR pile.

  8. Thanks for the stop on the blog tour!! I think my favorite is Spies & Spells and Kenni Lowry

  9. the Ghostly Southern Mysteries

  10. The Ghostly Southern Mystery series

  11. I love the Kenni Lowry series the most.

    1. The random number generator has spoken, and you are the winner! Send me an email ( so we can get you your prize :)