Monday, June 13, 2016

My Nails and My Book Review - Engaged in Death by Stephanie Blackmoore


Title: Engaged in Death
Series: Wedding Planner Mystery #1
Author: Stephanie Blackmoore

Goodreads Summary: All appears peaceful in sleepy Port Quincy, Pennsylvania--but in this small town, old grudges die hard. . .

After dumping her cheating fiancé and cancelling the wedding, Mallory Shepard can't bear another disaster. So when the former bride-to-be unexpectedly inherits Thistle Park, a ramshackle mansion in her ex's hometown of Port Quincy, it's a problem she can't afford--literally. Abound with stray cats, peeling wallpaper, and nosy neighbors, Mallory is dying to sell it off--once she finally fixes up both the place and her messy life. . .

Turns out, Thistle Park has its charms. But the honeymoon phase is abruptly cut short when an unwanted visitor is found dead on the front lawn. Enlisting the help of her sister Rachel, Mallory vows to unveil the killer before she herself becomes married to the suspect list. . .

My Review: **I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review**

This was a great book. It had the authentic Pittsburgh feel, which was very important to me since I am familiar with the area. The author also did a great job of building the characters so that they were believable. Each main character had a distinct personality, and nobody felt like a “cookie-cutter” character. I also loved the slightly twisty ending.

My Manicure: Ugh this mani ended up looking like a hot mess. The idea behind it fits the book perfectly - wedding themed. I started out painting all but my ring finger with Sinful Colors Snow Me White. My ring finger was painted with Pure Ice I Shine For You. That right there was out of my comfort zone since I do not wear nude polish. Something about it ends up bugging me (one of my many quirks). For the stamping, I will explain it from thumb to pinky. It starts with love themed words stamped with Sinful Colors Black On Black and Bundle Monster plate BM-311. After that I have wedding bells from Bundle Monster plate BM-H22 stamped with Zoya Trixie - definitely not a good polish for stamping, but otherwise an awesome silver. Next comes a tuxedo with Sinful Colors Black On Black and Bundle Monster plate BM-420. Of course, you can't forget about the bride if you do a wedding mani, and that was done with Sinful Colors Snow Me White and Mash plate Mash-70, and the pearls were filled in with Sinful Colors Kovet. Finally, we have wedding bands with Zoya Trixie and Bundle Monster plate BM-H22 again.


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