Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My Nails and My Book Review - All Murders Final by Sherry Harris


I've fallen into a bit of a funk with my manicure ideas. Then, as I was reading this book, I had the idea to combine my love of nail polish and my love of books. I'm hoping to make this a twice weekly series (Mondays and Wednesdays).

Title: All Murders Final
Series: Sarah Winston Garage Sale Mystery #3
Author: Sherry Harris
Goodreads Summary: Her Next Sale

When Sarah Winston started the virtual garage sale, it seemed like a keystroke of genius and the next logical step in her business. No more collapsing card tables and rainy-day washouts. But what began as a fun way to run garage sales during the long New England winter has become a nightmare of managing people and putting out fires. Online, she can avoid the crowds--but not the crazies. 

May Be Her Last

She certainly never bargained on dealing with frightening threats. And when a client is murdered, it's time for Sarah to swallow her pride and seek the help of her ex--C.J. Hooker, chief of police. Forging a tense alliance, they search--online and off--for the killer. But solving this crime before someone else gets tagged seems virtually impossible…

My Review: 

**I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review**

This was a great book. The characters were written well enough that it felt they could jump off the page. I appreciated that she had one of the characters come back from active duty different than when he had left. This is a subject that people typically don't want to talk about, and I think it was important in this book since the series is set near a military base. The mystery felt a little busy to me, but it was tied up nicely in the end.

My Manicure: For my manicure, I was inspired by the tablecloth. It is a vintage white on white floral tablecloth, and as I was reading, I kept thinking about how cool it would look in a manicure. I used 2 coats of Ever After Polish Let It Settle (from the Irish Mani Duo) over Sinful Colors Snow Me White for my base. I then stamped the floral design using Pueen 27 and Sinful Colors Snow Me White. Very subtle, but I am in love with this look.



  1. I love this series and this third book was very good.

  2. This series is on my TBR. Great nails!

  3. I just finished "Tagged to Death" and loved it.. Thanks for your review. Although I am not into nails, I saw your question on the cozy site and wanted to check your site out.. I will definitely be back.. I do enjoy pedicures!

  4. Like the review/manicure combo--But I Love Your Nails! Great idea, and you were very successful in this concept. Kudos!

  5. Great review, and creative nails!

  6. I don't know how I missed this! Well, maybe because I've been so busy finishing the fourth book! Thank you so much for the review and I love the nails!

  7. This is one of my favorite series. You are so creative to interpret the books in your nail art - so cool!