Thursday, August 7, 2014

KBShimmer Rollin' With the Chromies

Nothing to Disclose

Wow, I'm actually posting again!! Sorry for the random disappearing, I will try to make a post about that to explain. To keep it simple for now, there has been a lot going on. Now, onto the polish!

This was taken with indirect Ott-Lite lighting. Don't you just love my random orange fingers? This was 3 coats of Rollin' With the Chromies, and WOW I couldn't stop staring even before I turned the Ott-Lite on. That multichrome is so gorgeous and even in not so good lighting I could see the holo.

And here is direct lighting. This one shows more of that gorgeous holo, and makes my fingers look a little more natural in color (or lack of color). Seriously, I was staring at this all day at work, and then started wondering if it would be possible to make a hair dye that matched it. How awesome would multichrome holo hair be? 

Why did I wait so long to buy KBShimmer polish? I am seriously in love with her polishes, and now I feel like I need to buy all her multichrome holo polishes!


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